Local Authorities

SignedUp has been engineered in partnership with local authorities as a central hub to manage a suite of employability and skills services including employment opportunities, apprenticeships, work experience, employer engagement events and much more. This creates a way for them to move away from using multiple disparate systems, which is often the primary cause of duplication and inefficiency.

By streamlining employability services, SignedUp dramatically decreases administration tasks and provides a better holistic service built around the end user. It also helps to encourage employers to get involved in different initiatives by reducing the complexity and red tape involved in signing up to multiple different programmes.

Importantly, given the financial challenge faced by local authorities across the country, SignedUp can help to deliver significant savings.  It moves processes online, allowing multiple stakeholders to “self serve” and handles multiple activities, many of which are often serviced by disparate systems from mulitple suppliers and multiple support contracts.  Importantly, SignedUp is flexible enough to cope with future employment and skills initiatives whether local, regional or national – ensuring that it doesn’t become another legacy system.

When implemented in a local authority, local employers become empowered with the necessary infrastructure to interact with their local labour market. Similarly, local residents are empowered with the ability to engage with employment and skills related services and opportunities which they previously had little visibility of.

SignedUp can be purchased quickly and easliy via the UK Government’s G-Cloud.  Find out more about how Fife Council are working with SignedUp to join up employment initiatives, stakeholders and information in their local area.

Benefits for Local Authorities

  • Increase Partnership – match skills provision to labour market demand
  • Empower Employers – give local employers an easy way to engage with the labour market and influence skills provision
  • Increase Efficiency – streamline employability and skills services from one central system
  • Make Informed Decisions – create reports to measure key data to inform decision making
  • Clearer Data Ownership – each individual (whatever their role) signs up to use the service and owns their information, ensuring there is no data ownership or data protection issues
  • Reduce Costs – by reducing the number of IT systems required, moving services online and saving administration time.

” There is a great need to define and refine the role of careers advice in supporting young people throughout their journey through education and into adulthood. Government should set the tone of this nationally, but empower partners locally to create a local offer that meets the needs of different groups of young people across their town, city or county” – Helping very young person reach their full potential – Local Government Association


“Our vision for Scotland is a country in which digital technology provides a foundation for innovation, integrated public services that cross organisational boundaries and deliver to those in most need.” – Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services

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