Connecting people to opportunities near them

Simplifying regional labour markets.

Making local labour markets easier to access for over 15.2 million people

SignedUp Skills provides the most comprehensive source of real-time vacancies, courses, apprenticeships and labour market information available nationally and allows this to be presented at a local level. Users can interact with one or more instances seamlessly, and the platform provides mechanisms to ‘nudge’ people to the best opportunities for them in their own region. Without a solution like this, residents are faced with a barrage of commercial job websites that require different logins and present data in different ways.

What is SignedUp Skills?

SignedUp Skills is an employment and skills platform that enables economic regions to empower citizens with an improved understanding and awareness of local jobs, apprenticeships, courses and labour market information.

It can be implemented rapidly and when aligned with regional employment and skills objectives, it can play a major role by guiding people toward making informed employment and skills decisions.

What We Do

We harness the power of the latest technology and data to gather thousands of reliable and relevant economic opportunities and make them easy to search, save and interact with. We also enable our customers to display this data in the context of their employment and skills priorities.

By improving the accessibility of local opportunities and displaying them in a local context, we increase the chances that people will find the opportunities and information they need to thrive.

Meet our intuitive platform

Helping over 15.2 million people across the country.

Local Opportunities

We bring local jobs, apprenticeships, courses, LMI and careers information together.

One-Stop Shop

We enable people to make more informed decisions by creating a single source of trusted information.

Improved Outcomes

We improve outcomes by greatly increasing the effectiveness of local strategies.


We enable our clients to learn more about their region with key user-interaction insights.

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