What is SignedUp Skills?

SignedUp Skills simplifies labour markets by pulling vast amounts of disparate and relevant data together into place. This enables citizens and businesses to search across multiple data sources, increases the visibility of local opportunities, and enables strategic economic organisations to make it easier for citizens and businesses to find the local services they need.

Who is it for?

Case Studies

Our case studies provide real-life examples of how many different types of organisations have and are benefiting from using of SignedUp Skills.

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How STPs and ICSs can provide local digital workforce solutions that work

PDMS was introduced to Sustainable Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) when we received an invitation to tender for a digital solution to help a STP promote their local health and care sector. While investigating STPs and ICSs, their challenges and potential solutions, we established that this was an area where, given our […]

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