Industry Bodies

SignedUp has proven to be an excellent tool for industry bodies who want to raise the profile of their sector and adopt a more strategic approach to workforce development to ensure the supply of skills matches industry demand.

When implemented by an industry body, SignedUp acts as a bridge between industry and education which creates a lasting partnership for the benefit of employers, the workforce and the wider economy.  A regional or national online skills portal can help improve the focus on long term jobs growth, supply mapping and innovation – acting as a gateway for driving participation into training programmes, facilitating recruitment drives and supporting continuous professional development for a particular sector or industry.

Benefits for Industry Bodies

  • Increase Engagement – provide education with a link to employers
  • Encourage CPD – Promote and manage CPD through a central system
  • Membership Management – manage members from one central location
  • Increase Awareness – promote the sector and the opportunities available
  • Facilitate Recruitment – highlight the jobs available
  • Improve Information – signpost resources and information to help inform career choices

SignedUp in action

We are working with a number of industry bodies and alliances to help address the issue of skills gaps in sectors including textiles, manufacturing and engineering and construction.  Read about our work with Textiles Skills Alliance Project and  the engineering and construction sectors to find out more.


“Skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity. With the right skills, people are equipped for good-quality jobs and can fulfil their potential as confident, active citizens. In a fast-changing global economy, skills will to a great extent determine competitiveness and the capacity to drive innovation. They are a pull factor for investment and a catalyst in the virtuous circle of job creation and growth. They are key to social cohesion.” – A New Skills Agenda for Europe, 2016



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