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According to a recent report from the Skills Commission, a local authority learner survey of 600 secondary school students revealed that 80% of them had little idea of career opportunities in their area. SignedUp Skills has been carefully crafted to provide users with a single front door to local labour market opportunities.

This clear offer reduces information gaps, enables more informed decision making and helps inform career decisions at an early age.

SignedUp Skills Capabilities

Along with a professionally managed hosting service, domain of choice and responsive software for viewing on mobile, tablet or desktop, SignedUp Skills can offer the following tools and features.

Local Opportunities

SignedUp Skills works with a range of data providers to aggregate reliable apprenticeship, job and course data into our SignedUp Skills platform. This enables users to search across multiple data feeds in one search activity rather than having to visit multiple sites that display data in different formats. You can see this feature in action on all of our implementations.

Unique Benefit

One search capability to find local jobs, apprenticeships and courses which enables career explorers to consider, for example, an apprenticeship if there are no job vacancies that match their search criteria or a course that might provide a qualification that could lead to a higher skilled job.

Map View of Opportunities

This feature enables users to view the opportunities they are searching for on a map view which means that it helps users quickly identify suitable opportunities based on their location and transport options.

Unique Benefit

By seeing all opportunities on a map, users are able to focus in on a lesser number of opportunities that are within commuting distance. This makes navigating the opportunities easier and reduces the chance that the user will feel overwhelmed.

SignedUp Account

All SignedUp Skills implementations enable users to create their own SignedUp account which allows them to save and interact with opportunities. If they use this account to save a search alert, they will be notified whenever new opportunities that match their search criteria are posted.

Unique Benefit

As SignedUp accounts are authenticated and standards based, the technology can be integrated beyond our own software to enable more of your digital services to work across department/organisational boundaries in support of people and place-based services.

Key Industry Sectors

Fully configurable within the content management system, SignedUp Skills has a sector page template which means you can include the best facts, stats and information to showcase the sectors that are important to your region. This allows career explorers to learn about the sector, career pathways into the sector and career prospects to help them make informed choices. The Engineering & Manufacturing sector page on the Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal is a good example of this functionality.

Unique Benefit

SignedUp Skills sector pages come with live feeds that display current job, apprenticeship & course opportunities available locally within those sectors.

Employer Pages

SignedUp Skills includes a way to create employer specific pages which can be utilised to promote key employers in the area.  Each employer has their own dedicated page and can be given limited admin rights to that page to manage their own content.

Unique Benefit

Individual employer pages can be configured to show their own current job and apprenticeship opportunities.

Learning Provider Pages

SignedUp Skills also includes a way to create learning provider specific pages which can be used to promote local universities, colleges and training providers. See West Herts College on the Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal as a good example.

Unique Benefit

Learning provider pages can be configured to show their current courses and apprenticeship training opportunities.

Careers Directory

SignedUp Skills consists of a comprehensive careers directory utilising the UK Standard Occupational Classification data and enhanced with the latest available UK labour market information.  Users can search by skill or job type and when exploring careers, they are able to see not only what the job entails but also labour market information such as average salary & future prospects. Check out the Careers Directory on Berkshire Opportunities.

Unique Benefit

Our opportunities feed connects with the careers directory which means if there are any current jobs, apprenticeships or courses available matching that particular role, users will be able to see and interact with them.

Content Management

The Umbraco content management system enables administrators to curate the content to focus on their own strategic priorities and initiatives.  A number of templates are provided as part of SignedUp Skills which have been developed specifically for presenting skills and employability data in the best manner to help career explorers find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Unique Benefit

The technical configuration (which was shortlisted in the global Umbraco Codegarden 2020 Awards) between the CMS and SignedUp Skills provides the flexibility which enabled our clients to set up their own COVID-19 page in a matter of days.

Google Analytics

SignedUp Skills is integrated with a variety of analytics and user engagement tools providing real-time statistics on a huge range of metrics. Importantly, it provides insight into what users are searching for and how they are interacting with the site.

Additional Benefit

We can integrate a range of tools with SignedUp Skills to provide a deeper analytical capability in support of evaluating the success of your objectives/campaigns, for example increasing apprenticeship starts.

We provide a comprehensive service with measurement metrics to help you to evidence successful labour market engagement, encompassed within a bespoke employment and skills Analytics & Insights dashboard, created to provide a full picture of the impact SignedUp Skills is having within your economic area.

Pulling data from various sources, we can help you to understand the customers’ journey and key engagement points through heat-mapping tools, website engagement, keyword searching, social media and in-site surveys.

Alongside all the other data collected, SignedUp Skills provides real-time LMI to inform the highest in-demand job roles, apprenticeships, training and which sectors peak most interest.

User Network Group Membership

Join our SignedUp family and we’ll invite you to join our user network group which provides a confidential forum to share and learn about great ideas that are producing results and discuss challenges you might be having with other network members around the country.

Important Bits

We will set up the following legal and best practice requirements for you:

• Terms & Conditions
• Privacy Policy
• Cookies Policy
• Accessibility Statement
• HTTPS secure site (the padlock symbol on your browser)

Local information

Gives users locally relevant real-time opportunities and up to date labour market information

Easy to use

Enables the majority to ‘self-serve’ by providing information in a user-friendly way

Search by career

Search hundreds of job roles that come with labour market information and relevant local jobs, apprenticeships and courses

Employer engagement

Engage local employers by giving them their own page they can manage and promote as a recruitment tool

Highly customisable

Comes with a wide range of tools that administrators can use to customise the data around the economic priorities of their area

Highly scalable

Each portal can grow and adapt over time as the needs of the local economy evolve

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