Local Opportunities

SignedUp Skills works with data providers including Adzuna, Department of Work and Pensions, National Apprenticeship Service, Education and Skills Funding Agency and Eventbrite to aggregate huge amounts of data into SignedUp Skills. This means when we launch a SignedUp Skills portal it comes packed full of reliable and relevant careers info, LMI, jobs, apprenticeships, courses and events. 

Key Sectors & Industries

SignedUp Skills has a sector page template which will allow you to provide pertinent information on the sectors which are significant in their region and those which are facing a skills shortage. The information shown for each sector is fully configurable within the CMS. Each sector can be curated to include specific information, statistics and also current opportunities within those sectors.


Guide users into the sectors you want them to explore

In the short-term this will likely be sectors that urgently need staff to help them respond to the crisis. In the longer-term this will likely be your growth sectors. Each page users our employment, apprenticeship and training data to display relevant real time local opportunities. It also encourages users to explore other opportunities in the sector.

Search jobs, apprenticeships and courses

Our solution automatically gathers these opportunities from reliable data sources to present the user with a quick and accessible tool to find the opportunities available in their area. 

View opportunities on the map

Enable users to view the opportunities they are searching for on a map view. It helps users to quickly identify suitable opportunities based on their location and transport options.





SignedUp Integration

SignedUp Skills integrates with our SignedUp Platform which means users can create an account and interact with the data on the SignedUp Skills solution. This greatly enhances the user experience by enabling users to save and favourite opportunities and subscribe to e-mail alerts to notify them when new opportunities which match their search criteria become available. 

Content Management

SignedUp Skills uses an Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) to power its portals.  This means our clients can curate their content to focus on their strategic priorities and initiatives.  A number of templates are provided as part of SignedUp Skills which have been developed specifically for presenting skills and employability data in the best manner.