Helping local economies respond to the crisis

Covid-19 will impact our global, national and local economies for years to come. Our Covid-19 Economic Response Portal is designed to help local economies signpost, inform and support  residents through this challenging time.

“Leaders in the public, private, and social sectors are already taking urgent steps to manage the fast-evolving crisis of jobs and work. But we believe there is room—and need—for greater focus, speed, boldness, and innovation in this effort.”

Governments and businesses will need to create new mechanisms to help people whose jobs are at risk redeploy into occupations in which labor demand still outstrips supply—and rapidly build the skills needed for their new roles.


Watch our 3 minute video overview: 

Covid-19 Economic Response Portal

Want to deploy an online service to support residents through the Covid-19 crisis? We can help with that. Our SignedUp Skills Covid-19 Economic Response Portal will enable you to equip your residents with the knowledge they need in their situation.

Highlight local employers that are recruiting now

Draw attention to sectors recruiting throughout the crisis

Help people identify the right volunteering opportunity

Provide a comprehensive directory of websites and organisations offering support

Redirect those who have lost jobs into key services


Help people identify career opportunities through searching by their transferable skills

previews of signedup skills


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