By Dean Fathers, PDMS Independent Advisor

During the last few weeks many of us have quickly had to learn how to work from home effectively and there is a vast amount of information available to help support us with the transition.  However, once we’ve settled into our own routines, those of us that are involved in leading or managing teams need to give some thought as to how we can become better leaders remotely.  Now, more than ever, our teams will be looking for support and guidance.

It’s important to remember that running any organisation is challenging enough. In these circumstances instead of normality, leaders are faced with an increasing array of bewildering and taxing demands.

At PDMS, we have recently welcomed Dean Fathers to our team as an Independent Advisor. In addition, to his many years of experience in the healthcare sector, Dean has also had significant involvement in Executive Education and was a lead tutor for the Institute of Directors.

Download your copy of Dean’s whitepaper to learn more about how to lead remote workers here:

 PDMS | Remote Leadership | April 2020

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