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SignedUp Skills is a product of PDMS Ltd, a software engineering company with over 25 years of experience delivering solutions into public and private sector organisations around the world.

Our SignedUp Skills project started over 10 years ago when we won a contract to deliver an online service targeted at attracting graduates into a local economy. It was during this project that we realised the positive impact we could have on local economies by producing solutions that join up disparate employability and skills services.

Since then we have gone on to work with a wide range of local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and sectors organisations. Although the objectives of each project differ, our goal is always to use our suite of technology products to help the customer achieve their objectives.

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Our one point of access platform helps citizens who want to find career opportunities in their area by reducing the stress associated with the effort required to find valuable information and enabling them to focus on the career opportunities available.

Richard Graham, Head of Communities & Collaboration Division 


Empowering your community

SignedUp Skills is an employment and skills platform which creates one point of access to a digital arena where citizens, businesses and local government alike can benefit from the local information and services being brought together.

SignedUp Skills is changing the traditional approach to growing employment and skills within an economic region.

Our employment and skills platform is putting the person at the centre of their journey, bringing together local opportunities and services into one, accessible portal in which the citizen, businesses and local government alike can interact on a common platform.

One point of access. Bringing everyone together. Helping everyone to grow.

Through our work with local governments across the UK, we have had employability and skills development at our heart for the past 5 years. The common problem which each of our partners voiced was the disparity experienced within departments for processing and administrating their employability and skills services. Each requiring their community, whether a student, teacher, job seeker or career changer, to interact with the different services available to them across a range of websites and profiles.

This problem created productivity and consistency issues for organisations supporting employability services. But also, frustrations of the individuals engaging with services who were required to have multiple logins, interact with different platforms and duplicate the information they needed to provide to each.

We realised that the solution wasn’t creating a bespoke platform for each organisation to simply unify their services together, but instead, the importance lay in creating a place where the individual could also access and collaborate with all these services through one point of contact.

Built and accessed in the cloud, SignedUp Skills is an ever-evolving solution to facilitate the changing needs of the labour market. The digital solution brings together employment and skills development opportunities for your region into a single, accessible portal which individuals and businesses can interact with online, from anywhere, through any device.

Most importantly. It can be launched in a short timeframe, already pre-populated with your region’s labour market information so you can start promoting and seeing the benefit of your platform straight away.

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