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New feature announcement – recognising Achievements

PDMS Employed is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new feature which we have been working on for a number of clients and think will be a valuable contribution to our platform.

This collaboration has resulted in the introduction the new achievements feature which will allow users to manage record of achievements and legally required qualifications through the PDMS Employed platform. A digital ‘skills passport’ enables members to carry their record of achievements with them online alongside their CV and professional developments records, reducing the traditional risks of paper certifications being lost, damaged or destroyed. This also creates the opportunity to individuals to easily be able to supply any certifications required for job recruitment applications and joining development programmes.

What does it do?

PDMS Employed enables any organisation the ability to create their own bespoke Achievements, which represent qualifications, and awarding criteria as a governing body, which they can then authorise their selected training providers to award to individuals. The awarding criteria and description of the qualification are fully customisable, providing the flexibility to cover any process and qualification attainment standards required. This process reflects the qualifications sector as whole, where governing bodies allow training providers and education establishments to award qualifications and certificates.

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How does it work

The Achievements functionality has been developed to create customisable and flexible administration of qualifications and accomplishments – making the processes simpler and more efficient for administrators, alleviating the complications of carrying around hard copies of documents.

During the establishment of an Achievement, the governing body has the ability to set the duration of time the qualification is valid for. This allows individual users to hold a qualification for a set period of time, after which they must renew it. The temporary nature of some qualifications replicates the fact that many certification courses require regular refresher training, for example, health & safety qualifications.

Any Achievements a governing body recognises can be edited, or removed entirely at any point by that body. This ensures that should statutory or regulatory requirements for qualifications change, the qualification can be kept current, or removed if it is no longer necessary.

A governing body also has the ability to view the number of users on the platform that have been awarded the Achievement. They can do this by viewing the Achievement in question and then looking at the Records Issued section. This allows governing bodies to not only track who the Achievement has been awarded to, but also undertake spot checks as to whether the issuing of the Achievement was entirely suitable. The ability to audit the awarding of Achievements is a vital tool in ensuring qualifications are issued appropriately.

Once a training provider has been granted the authority to award an Achievement then they can award it to any user on a programme that they host. These programmes can reflect courses of study, work placement programmes or mentoring programmes. Despite the differences in these types of activity, it is common for awards and certifications to be issued once they are successfully completed. All Achievements can be assessed in a programme, which is a practical and efficient way of gathering sufficient data to make an award.

The differences between programmes and qualification types are recognised through the simplicity of the Achievements functionality. The functionality can not only handle complex, multi-stage qualifications that are regulated by law, but also simple ad-hoc or local awards for smaller projects.

Future Possibilities

The platform can support not only the provision of regulated qualifications, but also local and ad-hoc awards. This means that any business set-up to accredit companies and individuals with ‘achievements’ can utilise the functionality; from educational institutions qualifying the attainment of a degree, to Brownies dispensing badges of their young achievers! The only limit to what qualifications, skills and awards Achievements can support really is human imagination.

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