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Marking a new year with new features

Before the close of 2017 we were delighted to release new functionality to the Employed platform which enables the creation and management of interactive meetings, and the digitisation of a wide variety of complex stakeholder interactions.

These new meeting and interaction management features are improving processes for our clients already. Many of whom are using the new tools to centralise internal team meetings, improve mentor-mentee interactions, and to digitise complex processes. This functionality has centralised interactions that were previously running on disparate systems, reduced administrative workloads, decreased paperwork, increased security and most importantly, improved services for customers.

Arrange and manage meetings

Our new meetings feature allows users to create and manage personalised meetings and the associated forms for that meeting. When a user sends a meeting invite (for a one-to-one meeting, a careers service meeting or a job centre meeting etc.) the recipients receive an alert and can complete the associated form to ensure the information due to be discussed is pertinent. These forms are individual to the meeting, so only those attending are able to view and amend them. This means sensitive information is protected and can’t be accessed by other system users. When the meeting has been completed and all of the necessary additions have been made to the form, the meeting is locked and automatically archived to preserve the information it contains.

Improved online stakeholder engagement

The new functionality released at the turn of the year also improved the forms and workflow functionality to enable the digitisation of more complex interactions.

A good example of one of these complex interactions on PDMS Employed is Complaints Management. The complexity around managing a complaint is caused by the variety of individuals and departments involved in such a process at a large organisation. Our new forms and workflow functionality allow a complaint form to be passed between different users, which creates a record against the history of the form, ensuring there is always an up-to-date record of where the complaint is and what the next action is. This guarantees compliance with internal procedure and provides the necessary records for any audit on complaints.

What’s coming in 2018?

We have a raft of exciting new features and enhancements planned for 2018, all of which will help us along the way to creating the most effective environments for employability and skills in the world!

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