Local Enterprise Partnerships

We work with LEPs that want to bring some commonality and user centric thinking to the way services are delivered in their region. We do this by launching an instance of SignedUp in the region and collaborating with the LEP and their network to create a coalition of willing participants. These participants help us get the service off the ground and over a period of time we generate the critical mass required to establish a well known local brand.

LEPs play a central role in determining local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and job creation. The scale and diversity involved in this means LEPs often have little time to focus on how services digital services are delivered in their region. Our approach means LEPs can focus on what they do best and leave us to make sure there is a secure, scalable and reliable platform in place to run local services when required.

The LEPs we work with use our local instances of SignedUp for a variety of different things including but not limited to:

  • Gathering LEP wide Labour Market Intelligence
  • Reducing duplication of IT services
  • Increasing partnership working between local authorities
  • Powering sector specific websites
  • Creating talent pools
  • Managing skills pledge applications
  • Putting business support services in one place
  • Providing employers with a recruitment tool
  • Promoting local apprenticeships

“Skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity. With the right skills, people are equipped for good-quality jobs and can fulfil their potential as confident, active citizens. In a fast-changing global economy, skills will to a great extent determine competitiveness and the capacity to drive innovation. They are a pull factor for investment and a catalyst in the virtuous circle of job creation and growth. They are key to social cohesion.” – A New Skills Agenda for Europe, 2016

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