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Introducing Thurrock Opportunities – launching soon!

PDMS SignedUp has been working closely with Thurrock Council for over 18 months focusing on how we can best join up the local labour and skills market for the benefit of local residents, businesses and education providers.

During this partnership, we have piloted an online system and worked closely with employers, schools, colleges, work experience providers, training providers, local economic groups and neighbouring councils to find out how we could best help and support them.

At the beginning of 2019 PDMS and Thurrock Council reviewed all of the lessons learned from the pilot and have agreed a new and exciting approach to joining up and reducing complexity in the local labour and skills market. This approach is based on a new Thurrock Council skills portal that will use our SignedUp platform to draw in a wide range of labour market and skills data from jobs through to courses and apprenticeships.

The portal will go live with immediate access to vast amounts of regional, reliable and relevant labour market data that will help local residents find the opportunities that are right for them and help local businesses address their skills gaps.

Collaborating with Thurrock’s community to create a digital solution which will benefit businesses and the local residents alike has paved the way for an exciting time in the local labour market. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Thurrock Council to address the regional skills needs.

Keep an eye out in the coming months for the launch of Thurrock Opportunities.

Update 15th August 2019: Thurrock Opportunities is now live.

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