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From PDMS Employed to SignedUp – A Natural Evolution

As most of our followers will know, we have been working hard over the last few months to rebrand PDMS Employed to SignedUp. It is important that you know that this is a positive transformation and it will only serve to further establish the commitment we have to our existing clients and the level of service we provide. What follows will give you an insight into what has been a natural evolution of the PDMS Employed brand into something even more ambitious.

The Background to PDMS Employed

The first thing to remember is that PDMS Employed had a pre-curser – Manx Grads. Manx Grads was Isle of Man based and focused on the graduate slice of the labour market. A few years into the Manx Grads project we took the decision to productise the platform and readjust our approach to focus on the labour market as a whole rather than just graduates. This gave rise to PDMS Employed and a commitment to creating a platform where individuals would find it easier than ever before to access local employability and skills services.

This decision meant we were able to expand our network of implementations to include Fife Council, the University of the West of Scotland, D2N2 (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham & Nottinghamshire) LEP, South East LEP, Luton Borough Council, Lancashire LEP and East Kent College. Importantly, these platforms have gone a long way to proving the concept that communities can benefit enormously from utilising a central platform that is not confined to a single organisation or department or focused on a single slice of the labour market. One of the success stories we are most proud of is the way PDMS Employed was used to facilitate Foundation Apprenticeships (an innovative yet complex apprenticeship model that requires significant administration) across all Fife Council secondary schools. The platform meant Fife Council were the only council in Scotland to implement an entirely digital process, which undoubtedly resulted in more students going on Foundation Apprenticeships. It is encouraging to remember the things we are doing are having a positive real world impact.


We have applied the same kind of thinking that was behind the PDMS Employed rebrand to the SignedUp rebrand. Just as we knew Manx Grads could have a bigger impact if applied to the wider labour market, so we know PDMS Employed can have a bigger impact if applied to wider community services.  For example, our forms tool is being used to build employability programme application forms, our workflow tool is being used to process work experience applications, and our opportunities tab is being used for advertising job vacancies. If that has had a positive impact, what kind of impact could we have if we stepped outside of the employability and skills industry and used our forms, workflow and opportunities tools for things like building local government forms, processing business grants and increasing the accessibility of wider local citizen services?

We settled on the SignedUp brand because our whole approach is all about creating a way for individuals to sign up to a secure local platform where they are in complete control of their data and from where they can easily interact with and consume local online services. They could choose to consume the employability and skills services our implementations are currently used for or they could choose to consume a wider range of services that will become available in due course. The key is being SignedUp!

What happens now?

We will continue to operate as we have been and the focus on employability and skills services won’t diminish in any way. Over time we will begin to apply the platform tool set to a wider range of community services, which will benefit everyone involved.

If you have any questions or enquiries about our new approach please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.

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