Helping local economies respond to the economic impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 will impact our global, national and local economies for years to come. SignedUp Skills is designed to help local economies signpost, inform and support residents through this challenging time.

Leaders in the public, private, and social sectors are already taking urgent steps to manage the fast-evolving crisis of jobs and work. But we believe there is room—and need—for greater focus, speed, boldness, and innovation in this effort.

McKinseyHow to rebuild and reimagine jobs amid the coronoavirus crisis

Six ways SignedUp Skills can help you respond to the economic impact of COVID-19

Want to deploy an online service to support residents through the COVID-19 crisis? We can help with that.

Increase awareness of employment opportunities

Improve accessibility of employment opportunities

Raise the profile of employers that are recruiting

Increase participation in employment services

Generate interest in growing sectors

Provide avenue for self service

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