The Alliance Project

The Alliance Project based at the New Economy, is currently developing an informative, interactive textiles skills portal for Greater Manchester, which is powered by SignedUp.  This pilot project is funded by the European Union European Social Fund and aims to address the skills shortage within the textile industry to ensure that Manchester can continue to compete in world markets.

‘The Alliance Project’, which was commissioned through Lord David Alliance and the GMCA with support of the Government, aims to provide textiles employers, employees and potential employees with an easy to access online portal, to promote the Greater Manchester textiles industry and to attract new talent into the sector.

With a focus on sustainable long-term jobs growth, supply mapping, national trade, skills and innovation, the portal will seek to combat the challenge of an ageing workforce and loss of skills. The new portal will therefore act as a ‘gateway’ for driving participation into textiles training programmes, facilitating recruitment drives and supporting continuous professional development.

The Portal project includes:

  • an interactive apprenticeship training plan
  • training and funding guidance for employers
  • career information and progression routes
  • sector roles and opportunities
  • links to sector specific support organisations and provisions
  • links to sector specific provisions
  • member sign up facilities

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