A new Umbraco Framework was launched in April 2020

PDMS is delighted to have been awarded a place on Skills Development Scotland’s new Framework for the Provision of Web Development Services.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is Scotland’s national skills body. SDS contributes to Scotland’s sustainable economic growth by supporting people and businesses to develop and apply their skills. They work with a variety of partners to provide services that deliver the very best outcomes for Scotland’s people, businesses and the economy.

The framework commenced on 1 April 2020 and is a multi-lot framework split into 3 separate lots. PDMS has been awarded a place on Lot 2 – the provision of front end and back end Umbraco content management services.

SDS owns a number of websites which provide services for a range of audiences including and not limited to young people, school pupils, teachers, employers, learning providers, employed, unemployed, government and any other stakeholders.  These include “My World of Work”, “Apprenticeships.scot”, “Our Skillsforce” and “Digital World”.

The framework allows Skills Development Scotland to issue call off contracts for specific projects to work on these websites and any new initiatives.  Skills Development Scotland has an established in-house development team and suppliers on the framework may be bought into to work alongside the Digital Services team when additional specialist resources are required.

PDMS is well placed to contribute to SDS projects; they have an office only a few miles away from SDS offices in Glasgow, they are an official Umbraco Partner and they specialise in online skills solutions as evidenced by the success of their SignedUp Skills platform.  SignedUp Skills allows regions in the UK to quickly respond to the needs of residents and employers by running their own online skills portal.  The first regional implementation of SignedUp Skills is in Hertfordshire (https://www.hopinto.co.uk/).

This press release was originally published by PDMS.

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