Young workers, low earners and women are most exposed to sector shutdowns, a new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found.  

The findings are based on an analysis of who works in the most negatively affected sectors.

The analysis shows ’employees aged under 25 were about two and half times as likely to work in a sector that is now shut down as other employees,’ ‘low earners are seven times as likely as high earners to have worked in a sector that is now shut down,’ and ‘women were about one third more likely to work in a sector that is now shut down than men.’

The report did also highlight that many young workers and low earners live with parents or other whose earnings are less likely to be affected.

Although this report paints a bleak picture, there are options open to those who are hit hardest by sector shutdowns.

According to Emsi’s Covid-19 Employment Data Dashboard, a number of sectors have seen a rapid increase in the number of job postings. These sectors include ‘Care workers and home carers,’ ‘Vocational and industrial trainers and instructors,’ ‘Cleaners and domestics,’ and ‘Food, drink and tobacco process operatives.’

Over the last two weeks we have been supporting our customers to use SignedUp Skills to effectively signpost their target audience into these active sectors. See the Hertfordshire Opportunity Portal as a good example.

Source: ‘Sector shutdowns during the coronavirus crisis: which workers are most exposed?’

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